Propane Emergency Response Network (PERN)

The Propane Emergency Response Network for Michigan First Responders

The MPGA is pleased to offer the Propane Emergency Response Network (PERN) to all Michigan Fire Departments and other First Responders.

PERN is a network of regionalized propane teams, staffed with expert on-call propane personnel who are available to advise and assist First Responders.

PERN provides direct services solely for propane emergencies only. To activate this service, the on-site commander of the incident must call our toll-free number: 866-880-2564 and:

  • state name and level of authority
  • describe incident/emergency
  • provide location, including street address, intersection and city
  • give contact phone number

Within 10 minutes, a team from the PERN network will respond to the scene in a specially equipped trailer that’s designed to handle any type of propane emergency.

Download the PERN brochure