The MPGA Proudly Supports Habitat for Humanity

Posted: February 16, 2018

Cold winters. Skyrocketing housing costs. Poor insulation. Aging furnaces, water heaters, and pipes. In Michigan—just like in many other places around the country—it’s never been more important to ensure affordable, accessible, and energy-efficient housing and utilities for people of all walks of life.

That’s one reason why the Michigan Propane Gas Association supports multiple billing options and payment programs, and helps customers link up with organizations like the Coalition to Keep Michigan Warm for home energy assistance. It’s also why we’ve proudly partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Michigan for many years.

You’ve probably heard of Habitat for Humanity, but you might not be fully familiar with their work. With more than 800,000 homes constructed since 1976, HFH is the largest not-for-profit builder in the world.

Habitat for Humanity

HFH establishes affiliate offices in local communities, including 64 in Michigan alone. These affiliates help coordinate and support all aspects of construction on affordable housing within those communities, from site selection and fundraising to partner family selection and mortgage servicing. They also run HFH ReStores (55 in Michigan), which sell essential building supplies and household goods at reduced cost to low-income residents.

The MPGA is proud to support the mission of affordable new home construction, and we encourage our members to get involved with their local HFH affiliates as providers, consultants, and even volunteers.

Did you know that a significant number of homes built by HFH in Michigan use propane as their primary energy source? There’s no better time to ensure residents of all income levels have a highly energy efficient home and a reliable, safe, clean, and affordable source of heat and energy during the initial planning and construction phase. As energy providers, our role in this process must be on the front lines.

As an organization, the MPGA was also pleased to attend HFH of Michigan’s 2018 HOME Green Building Summit—the ninth annual edition of this important conference on sustainable, high-performance home building. It’s part of our mutual commitment to environmental stewardship and reducing energy usage and cost for Michigan residents.

“The Habitat for Humanity HOMES Summit was a great forum to reach over 100 Habitat construction professionals about the propane message of clean energy for less cost and more comfort for rural Habitat home sites and other projects those builders may be involved with.” Tom Jaenicke

MPGA at Habitat Conference

Affordable, adequate housing for low-income individuals and families isn’t just business. It’s a matter of conscience, conviction, and commitment to building a better future for our community. When all members of our society have an affordable and adequate place to live, we all reap the economic, cultural, and social benefits.

To find your local affiliate and learn how you can volunteer your time, money, or talent, check out the Habitat for Humanity of Michigan website.