Propane and Lawn Care: #PropaneCanDoThat!

Posted: June 8, 2018

Now that winter is finally, definitively over in Michigan, homeowners everywhere have at long last hung up the shovels, shoved the snow blowers to back of the garage, and retrieved the lawnmowers from deep storage. If you run a lawn care, landscaping, or agricultural business, the busy season is officially back.

And considering the heavy rains of the last couple of weeks, your grass is probably growing faster and thicker than ever.

If your old mower is looking a little tired or running a little rough, though—or you’re just looking for a way to cut costs or reduce your environmental impact—a propane mower could be just what you need. Propane lawn mowers have become increasingly popular over the last few years, particularly for small business.

From simple push mowers for small yards and all the way up to large industrial vehicles running on propane autogas, propane is powering the lawn care equipment of today and tomorrow!

Why should you choose propane? Lots of reasons.


Lower Cost of Fuel

Although the long term price of both gasoline and propane obviously vary, propane is typically the cheaper fuel source by around 30 percent.

And remember, that’s just the up-front cost to purchase the fuel. You should also consider that gasoline is far more likely to be wasted. It’s easy to spill when you’re refueling, and it both degrades and evaporates over time if you leave it in storage. Any gas that’s left in storage or in the machine over the winter has probably gone bad.

Propane doesn’t deteriorate and won’t spill or spoil, so you get maximum efficiency no matter when you use it.

Easier Fueling

Changing the propane tank on your mower is a minimum-fuss maneuver—no different than changing the tank that powers a grill or generator. Screw off, screw on. No mess, no spill, no chance of getting your hands or shoes dirty.


Reduced Environmental Impact

Propane burns a lot cleaner than gasoline. It produces about 10 percent less carbon dioxide, 20 percent less carbon monoxide, and a whopping 40 percent less nitrogen. This means that propane mowers are safer for the earth and the air we all breathe. That’s good news for the environment!

It also means your equipment is better future-proofed against potential increase in regulatory standards. And for lawn care service providers, being able to cite lower emissions and environmental impact can give you a distinct advantage in winning contract bids over your competitors.

Lower Maintenance and Operating Costs

Because propane burns so cleanly, you get longer engine life and better long-term performance. Stale fuel and carbon deposit build-up won’t gum up the works and reduce the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment. You won’t need to change oil as frequently. Propane runs cooler than gasoline, which reduces engine stress. Propane tanks are up to 20 times more puncture-resistant than gasoline tanks. Fuel waste is non-existent.

You get the idea.

These gains are beneficial even for individual homeowners with modest lawns (since you won’t have to replace or repair your mower as frequently), but for lawn care professionals the difference can be massive.

Lawn Care

Equal or Better Performance

You don’t have to worry about propane mowers and vehicles suffering from reduced power or performance in comparison to their gasoline cousins. While it is true that propane has a lower “power per unit” than gasoline, this is canceled out by propane’s superior efficiency.

In other words, propane is every bit as up to the task as gas for any application, including commercial and industrial operations. Between two brand new machines, propane and gas will perform equally well. And because propane is cleaner and more efficient, it will remain a top performer long after the gas engine begins to sputter.

A Wide Selection of Mowers to Choose From

Gas mowers had a huge head start to market. But today, propane has caught up in terms of the selection and versatility of products on the market. Top manufacturers are producing well over a hundred different models, from simple walk-behinds to stand-on and zero-turn-radius equipment.

But what if you want the benefits of propane without buying all new equipment? As luck would have it, converting your mower to run on propane is simple, convenient, and inexpensive.

American Made

American Made

The vast majority of propane used in America is made in America. So propane mowers are not only better for the environment and better for your wallet, but also better for our domestic economy and energy independence. How about that?

Switching to propane can be a big step in the right direction whether you’re just a homeowner maintaining a yard, or a business owner with a fleet of industrial mowers. For more info, feel free to get in touch with Propane Michigan, or contact your local propane retailer.