Clean & Green

Clean and Green Propane Makes the World a Nicer Place

Propane is a clean-burning fuel to begin with and many new propane appliances used in a home are Energy Star rated. A blue Energy Star label means a product will use less energy and cause less pollution.

In just one year, Energy Star products helped Americans avoid the same amount of pollution that comes from 23 million cars. And together, these people saved $12 billion on their energy bills in one year.

Where propane comes from

Almost all of the propane that we use is made in America, and most of it comes from the production of natural gas. When we take natural gas out of the earth, it is a mix of different gases. One of these gases is propane.

Propane gas is easy to move around because it gets compressed, or squeezed, until it turns into a liquid. It is then put inside tanks and propane companies deliver it right to your home or business.

It’s similar to the air in a car tire, which gets squeezed to about two or three times normal air pressure. But the gas in a propane tank gets squeezed about 100 times more than that. This is why even a small tank can deliver a lot of propane gas.

What happens when you turn on your gas stove

The propane gets released slowly and safely from the tank and goes through a valve, which is when the liquid propane turns into a gas again. It can create heat for cooking and heating. It can even be used to fuel cars and other engines instead of gasoline. Read more about propane autogas.