Propane vs. Oil

Comparing Propane vs. Oil in Michigan

If you have ever converted an old oil heating furnace to a propane gas furnace (or know someone who did), you’re probably familiar with the whole new world propane opened up.

An immediate benefit is seeing your price per gallon dropping substantially and much lower fuel consumption. On average, new propane furnaces are 20-30% more efficient than comparable oil heat models. This increased energy efficiency can add up to big savings on heat!

Let’s not forget the environmental impact. Propane is nontoxic and more environmentally friendly. The environmental consequences of a heating oil spill can be devastating to the ecosystem and ground-water supply. Heating oil leaks or spills can lead to thousands of dollars in cleanup costs.

Propane is also much more versatile than heating oil. It can be used for many more applications in your household—from central heat and hot water to cooking, generators, fireplaces, pool and spa heaters and more.

Contact your local propane company to learn more about converting your heating system to propane and enjoying more peace of mind.